Our Concept Engine

The Concept Engine creates a profound, layered understanding of the world's complex  information space - discovering millions of concepts, entities, capabilities and patterns, and explains valuable dynamics between them in a way that humans alone can not

01 / Deep

Math Labs’ Concept Engine introduces deep World Data understanding empowering advanced search, monitoring, detection, root-cause and prevention capabilities. Data sources include global and local search engines, news sources, analyst reports, patents, publications, third party structured data sources and more.

02 / Fast

Self-serve, available for use out of the box. Option to link additional proprietary or client internal data sources. Option to adapt and configure the offered solutions. Option to develop customized applications on top of the core engine. Support and services provided by Math Labs world class expert team.

03 / Impactful

World data understanding is leveraged by our clients to turbo charge high impact Financial Services use cases including Risk, Compliance, market scanning, automated due-diligence, competitor analytics, portfolio monitoring and optimization, trade surveillance, market trends, growth strategy and more.


Using The Concept Engine

At Math Labs, we work closely with key strategic groups within leading global organizations, helping them discover unique, hitherto infeasible insights via our Concept Engine.

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